Let me introduce the team to you.

Natalie I am sure before you see Dr. Jenkinson for your first appointment you will already be impressed at how friendly, understanding and organised our team is. This is all down to Natalie, our highly efficient Practice Manager who I am sure you will speak to on the phone.

Jenkinson Natalie will arrange an initial consultation to see Dr. Jenkinson at either 116 Harley Street or The Platinum Medical Centre, part of the Wellington Hospital. The new appointment will be allocated for 40 minutes but don’t be surprised if this goes on longer if either yourself or Dr. Jenkinson thinks it is necessary.

Kate For patients considering bariatric surgery, or wanting advice on the best method to lose weight, Dr. Jenkinson works closely with Kate who is our expert dietician. Kate will give you all the advice that you need whether you are contemplating weight loss surgery or just need long term dietary and lifestyle advice. Both Dr. Jenkinson and Kate will offer you long term follow up to get your weight and health to the optimum!

Jackie Although not part of our routine preoperative assessment, some patients benefit from consultation and advice from our expert Bariatric Clinical Psychologist Jackie Doyle. Jackie is there to help people cope with some of the big life changes that they may experience when going through weight loss surgery and starting out anew. Most patients report real benefit from this consult.

Mughal Dr. Jenkinson is regularly joined by in the operating theatre by Professor Muntzer Mughal. Professor Mughal is head of Upper GI surgical services at UCLH and brings a wealth of experience in complex conditions effecting the stomach, gallbladder and abdominal wall.

Maan In the preoperative appointment you may well see Dr Maan Hasan, one of the most qualified and safest anaesthetists in London. Dr. Jenkinson and Dr Hasan have worked together for 10 years and probably see more of each other than their wives so you will have the benefit of a close team!

During the whole of your journey we will ensure that you receive the utmost care, attention and expertise by this handpicked team.