October 2015 I weighed 18 stone 3lbs

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October 2015 I weighed 18 stone 3lbs - it's now April 2017 and I weigh 9 stone 11lbs. The journey not entirely been a piece of cake... some tricks had to be learned along the way and occasionally it's been tricky, but it's a magical path all the same, as I've dropped from size 24 to size 12. I have more energy, I no longer require medication, and people say I look amazing - which is no bad thing to hear. Andrew has been there with me from the start, and available when I needed him. He's always been kind and professional, and I certainly don't regret having had a gastric bypass. Certainly, I would recommend him to anyone who is unhappy with being obese, as I once was. A new life awaits.