My life has changed dramatically for the better

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After suffering from Acid Reflux for over 20 years, my condition started to become chronic over the last few years. The PPI medication stopped working and I was constantly suffering from regurgitation and belching, to the extent that I was unable to lie down or sleep and was forced to take sleeping pills. After much research, I opted for the Stretta procedure as it was non-invasive. I had this done in May 2018 but unfortunately the procedure did not work for me. After 12 months my condition got worse and I started to get panic attacks. At the end of June 2019, I decided to explore the Nissen Fundoplication procedure. I had previously been put off from having this done as I was worried about post-operative complications such as not being able to swallow or having problems burping. However, I started to read a lot of success stories and this persuaded me to go for the Nissen. I found a specialist, Mr Andrew Jenkinson, based in the London Clinic on Harley Street. He has carried out over 1,000 of these procedures and is highly respected in his field.


I was in the hospital for one night only and straight after the procedure, I noticed that I was able to lie down without belching, which was incredible. Now it has been four weeks since the keyhole surgery, and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I no longer belch or regurgitate after eating or sipping water and I can finally have a good night’s sleep and take naps during the day. I am off PPIs and eating a variety of soft foods, within another 2 weeks I will be back on a normal diet. I have no problems with swallowing or burping, and the initial bloating is getting better. This procedure has changed my life and I am extremely thankful to Mr Jenkinson, who showed compassion, understood my symptoms and booked me in as soon as he was able. I have no hesitation in recommending the Nissen Fundoplication to others for whom PPIs are no longer effective and I am delighted with the outcome for myself.


- ZA