Mr Jenkinson was honest, open and encouraging

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I had pretty much reached the bottom in terms of my health, confidence and will power when I met Mr Jenkinson. After many years of battling with my weight, I had found that I could lose 3 or 4 stone when I committed to it but then my weight loss would plateau and then as my frustration turned to depression, the weight would go back on and more. Visits to the doctor became routine and the same mantra of, “you need to lose weight before we can help you”, just took me deeper into a spiral of despair

This was a recurring theme throughout the last twenty years and after many conversations with my family I took the decision to seek the help that I desperately needed. From the very first dealings with Mr Jenkinson and his team, I felt immediately that I had found someone that had the empathy and pragmatism that I needed to help me. Mr Jenkinson was honest, open and encouraging and I left the first consultation with a feeling of hope and confidence that I could actually tackle and beat this demon I had battled with for so long.

Without sounding too cliched, Mr Jenkinson has changed my life. Within 9 months, my weight dropped from just below 30 stone to below 15 stone. I was nervous, (as was my family), of my ability to deal with the change in my life but I can honestly say this was the best decision I ever made.

- DH