Golden Rules of Eating

Golden Rules of Eating

There are six Golden Rules on how to eat following bariatric surgery. These apply to all types of surgery but are particularly applicable if the gastric band is to be effective in the long term to help reduce weight.

  • Eat whilst sitting at a table, either with company or alone. Do not eat whilst distracted, i.e. reading newspaper or watching television. Do not eat in the street. This is to ensure that the food is eaten slowly and savoured.
  • Golden Rules of EatingUse a small side plate to eat from. This will ensure an appropriate portion size.
  • Chew each mouthful of food 20 to 30 times. This will ensure that the food is of the right consistency to pass through the gastric band or sleeve gastrectomy without blockage.
  • Use a knife and fork and put the knife and fork back down onto the table whilst chewing your food. This will ensure that food is not eaten too fast and time is taken between mouthfuls of food.
  • Do not drink any liquid from half an hour before to half an hour after eating.
  • Have regular meals including a regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each small meal should have some protein content to ensure that the appetite hormones remains slightly suppressed. A small healthy snack can be taken between meals.

Golden Rules of Eating Golden Rules of Eating

If the Golden Rules are followed then it should take 20 to 30 minutes to eat a small side plate portion of food. By the time the food has been finished a person will feel satiated.