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I just wanted to say a massive thank you for undertaking my surgery on 10th May. To say you have saved my life is not an overestimation. Recovery has been very easy and although sent home with simple analgesia I haven't needed it. I'm back at work and just learning what I can and can't eat. Myself and my family simply cannot thank you enough for the surgery and your tremendous skill as I'm confident other surgeons wouldn't not have performed the mini bypass on myself.

I've lost nearly 2 stone in the 6 weeks since my surgery and am feeling really well and although I would have preferred to wake up slim in Recovery, I am definitely pleased with the results so far and excited about the future. So again., many many thanks to you and your team.

- Suzi G B

Mr Jenkinson is a HERO...Mr Jenkinson saved our lives!!!! 6 in the family have undergone weight loss as well as hernia surgery including the lap band, sleeve and gastric bypass. He is the most caring, compassionate and dedicated Dr you could wish to be caring for you. With his vast medical knowledge , skilled and blessed hands you will feel safe and secure after your first appointment with him. Look no further, go from being from being miserable to happy. Give his always accommodating secretary Natalie a call.

Mr Jenkinson put me at ease from the first appointment. He wasn’t judgemental, listened and advised accordingly. The operation was a success – just as he said it would be and that classic line of “it has changed my life” comes to mind as it really has! No more on going medication is required, and I am down two dress sizes. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Jenkinson.

Mr Jenkinson put me at ease the moment I met him. He has a wondeful non-judgemental attitude and really understands the issues around obesity. My whole experience from start to finish was excellent. He has quite literally changed my life and I wish I had found him sooner. I must add that his PA is a joy to deal with too.

As a doctor myself I try to choose the best both for my patients, myself and my family. I have been referring patients to Mr Jenkinson for many years and the feedback from my patients has always been superb.

When I became a patient myself he was the obvious choice for me.

There was no wait at all, the service provided was absolutely outstanding and the results amazing! I will continue to recommend him to my patients as my number one choice!

October 2015 I weighed 18 stone 3lbs - it's now April 2017 and I weigh 9 stone 11lbs. The journey not entirely been a piece of cake... some tricks had to be learned along the way and occasionally it's been tricky, but it's a magical path all the same, as I've dropped from size 24 to size 12. I have more energy, I no longer require medication, and people say I look amazing - which is no bad thing to hear. Andrew has been there with me from the start, and available when I needed him. He's always been kind and professional, and I certainly don't regret having had a gastric bypass. Certainly I would recommend him to anyone who is unhappy with being obese, as I once was. A new life awaits.

When I booked my appointment with Mr Jenkinson. I was very nervous . I had researched thoroughly for 6 months & my choice came down to the fact he had operated on my friend before me.( who was also very happy) I asked and volunteered to have the op. I liked he wasn't trying to sell it to me like a second hand car dealer as many others had tried when I enquired.. he is very professional and great in his field. He is not just interested in making money like many other companies that advertised. I felt in the best of hands. And haven't looked back. The only criticism was that the post sent by his office secretary was not sealed privately when sent to my address. And the nutritionist has not been that interested in my progress. I do not regret my decision and would do it again woth Mr Jenkinson.

One of the luckiest days of my life was finding Andrew Jenkinson - I was immediately put at ease. I knew I had found the right surgeon. From the beginning, I have known exactly what to expect with the added benefit of knowing what was happening all the time. A huge bonus is the support I have received from Andrew and his team - always there to answer questions and never made to feel a 'pest'!

Thank you for fixing my post hernia surgery infections that I had picked up due to two failed Hernia surgeries that I had done in India. My condition was going from bad to worse until you started treating me in London at the BMI hospital, after which my health condition improved.

I am forever grateful to you, for your medical expertise and professional nature.

I want to say thank you to Mr Jenkinson as without his team and operating skills I have no doubt that I wouldn't be here writing this with passion. So if you have the willpower and commitment then I guarantee that this is for you. For a man to have a new lease of life and normal habits again, this is the surgery to save people's lives after eating the wrong foods and going to an early grave. Mr Jenkinson is the best man for having bariatric surgery and will make you feel alive again and give you a second chance to live a new, healthy life.

Before                   After Before                   After

My name is Risa and I have been obese since I was 19 years old. Till then, I was slim. I was born with a heart problem and I was told by my doctors from a very young age to watch what I eat because of my heart problem. But before I knew it, the weight piled on very quickly. At that time I didn't really notice my weight gain and when I did, I decided to ignore it. I made poor eating choices and did not exercise. I went from a healthy 130 lbs to 180 lbs in about a year or so.

I stayed at 170-180 lbs for about 20 years and in 2012, I ballooned to about 230 lbs. By then my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes , my blood pressure was out of control, my poor heart was pounding at overtime just to stay alive.

My doctor told me I needed to lose weight. My cardiologist, my family, my friends.. basically everyone told me I needed to lose weight. This made me resentful, angry and stressed and I started to eat again. I have tried diets, exercise programs etc... and I gave up.

I talked to my GP about my options as I felt helpless, hopeless and desperate to make the change. I researched weight loss surgery and my GP put my referral and I was accepted by UCLH and this is how I first heard about Dr. Jenkinson.

I studied his website, read his online journals and knew I made the right choice for me. After reading all the literature, I chose to go with the RNY ( the roux en-Y) surgery. The testing process was very through but wait time from referral to surgery was a relatively short process for me and when th e day finally came, I was relaxed and ready.

Everyone's recovery is different but mine was exactly how Dr. Jenkinson said on his website, relatively painless and short recovery. I am 7 months post op now and I couldn't be happier. I have lost over 80 lbs since my highest weight . I have so much more to offer myself, my family and I have never felt more healthy. I am living proof that this surgery works. No matter what anyone says I did this for me and me only.

Dr. Jenkinson and the wonderful team at UCLH thank you for saving my life.

- Risa M

Before After

My name is Panayiotes Philippou. I am 48 years old and I live in London where I grew up. I am 6.10 in height and I weigh 23 stone which is 150kg roughly.

Before I was asked to do bariatric surgery I had diabetes and my sugars were high all the time and my HbA1c was always 14/16 so it was on the high side. I was taking so many tablets and large volumes of insulin and was ill all the time.

20 years ago I was a normal man, basically the same weight but minus the diabetes. As time creeps up on you and things change so does your health.

To cut to the chase so to speak I was getting bigger and bigger.

My weight started to balloon in size, I was eating more, drinking more and my clothes were so large that I am embarrassed to say but my trousers were 58 inch at the waist and 42 inch at the leg so I was very large to say the least. I was 44 stone or 280kgs approx.

So I have lost 20 stone and have stabilised.

When I was big I couldn't walk as my build was excessive. I was out of breath all the time, I couldn't even tie my shoe laces. I was eating so much that I just couldn't stop. I couldn't go shopping or go out to the shops, I was like an elephant on 2 very swollen legs and I couldn't walk to save my life. I wanted to die and just let the earth swallow me up.

So I was referred by my endocrinologist to see Mr Andrew Jenkinson who without a doubt in my mind saved me and saved my life. He basically gave me a new lease of life which I thank him for and will never forget how I was and how I am now.

My eating habits have changed since doing bariatric surgery.

I used to eat in the morning for example 4 toast, 4 eggs, tin of beans, 8 slices of bacon, 4 hash browns, mushrooms, 4 tomatoes and 4 sausages washed down with a 2ltr bottle of coke. That would last me 2/3 hours before I was peckish again.

For lunch I would have a large chicken or 2 small ones and eat it all in the space of 30 minutes or sometimes I would go to a fast food place like McDonalds and have 4 big mac meals, 2 fillet of fish, 3 large cokes, apple pies and milkshakes. I was eating so much I thought I would explode.

But since having the surgery my trousers are 34 inch waist and 32 inch leg. My legs are thinner and I feel alive again. In the morning I have either a small bowl of porridge or a ham and cheese toasted sandwich or an apple or toast with light cheese or tomatoes on it with a cup of tea.

For lunch I would have a tin of low calorie soup and 1 slice of brown bread or maybe a tuna salad. In the evening I would have some olives and some hummus with brown pitta bread or a grilled chop in the oven with plenty of veg.

Always light things nothing heavy like before. All of my old photos I have either shredded or put in a draw never to be seen again as I have a new lease of life, another chance to live again. I have so much new energy and love walking as before it was a nightmare. I have become a new man but whoever I see in the street who was big like me I try to persuade them to seek help from the professionals.

It has been very hard but with help from the bariatric team and my wife, it has been worth it.

I always wanted to say thank you to Mr Jenkinson who is my icon as without his team and operating skills I have no doubt that I wouldn't be here writing this with passion.

So if you have the willpower and commitment then I guarantee that this is for you. For a man to have a new lease of life and normal habits again, this is the surgery to save people's lives after eating the wrong foods and going to an early grave.

PS Mr Jenkinson is the best man for having bariatric surgery and will make you feel alive again and give you a second chance to live a new, healthy life.

- Panayiotes P

Dr Andrew Jenkison thank you for fixing my post hernia surgery infections that i had picked up due to two failed Hernia surgeries that i had done in India.

My condition was going from bad to worse until you started treating me in London BMI hospital, after which my health condition improved.

I am forever grateful to you, for your medical expertise and Professional Nature.

- Prashant P R

Angela Exley - Before Angela Exley - After
Before After

Having spent a life time from being an overweight teenager to becoming a morbidly obese adult, food had become my best friend and worst enemy.  I had tried every diet and slimming club you could think of.  I was able to lose weight but within a short time my weight would go back on.

I used to say that I never wanted to be fat in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and now I was approaching my 50's.  My health was suffering; I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis in my knees.  I had previously worked as a qualified nurse so knew all about how my weight was affecting me.  As my weight increased “I lived to eat” instead of “eating to live”.  As I was now 23 stone I felt that I would never be able to feel “normal” again.  Strangers would make remarks within earshot.  This would hurt but still I carried on eating.

I realised that I would not be able to carry on like this so I thoroughly began my research on weight loss surgery.  I made my initial appointment to see Mr Jenkinson in January 2010. 

At first my husband was reluctant and frightened at the thought of surgical intervention.  He was also worried about the impact that surgery would have on both of us in the long term.

During the consultation, Mr Jenkinson fully explained the gastric bypass procedure to me.  He explained that surgery was a tool and that I had to work with it - this was the best weight loss option for my own personal requirements as I had a very sweet tooth. 

Mr Jenkinson put both of our minds at ease.  We were fully informed of the before and after requirements and the benefits to my health.  My husband and I felt much more relieved and were given peace of mind. 

There was also a full aftercare package, consisting of regular check ups with Mr Jenkinson, dietitian and support group.  

I had my gastric bypass in March 2010 and I can honestly say that I felt no pain post operatively (I had key hole surgery).  I was up and walking around the same day with a swollen stomach and wind pain in my shoulder.

Having a gastric bypass was the best decision that I have ever made.  This has proved to be life changing; I have become the person that was always within.  I see this as a new beginning having lost just over 11 stone in the last year.  I feel great and have lots of energy.  For the first time in my life I feel “normal”.  I can easily put on a pair of tights, cross my legs and feel bones that I never felt before.  The list is endless.  Shopping is a new experience and I have a new wardrobe of clothes!  I am now in control of my eating and I do not miss out at all, I have my life back.

I cannot thank Mr Jenkinson and all of the staff enough.

- Angela E

Anne - Before Anne - After
Before After
Anne - Before Anne - After
Before After

At my heaviest I was 26 stone.  On joining a slimming club I lost 5 stone but within three years I was back to 25 stone.  One day last summer I decided drastic action was needed if I was going to see 60!

Prior to my surgery my life was very restricted -  I would get up in the morning to go to work, come home and sleep for a couple of hours, cook dinner and then sit down to watch TV. 

One of the luckiest days of my life was finding Andrew Jenkinson - I saw him initially in July 2010 and was immediately put at ease.  I knew I had found the right surgeon.  From the beginning I have known exactly what to expect with the added benefit of knowing what was happening all the time.

I had my surgery on 23rd October 2010 weighing 22 stone 4lbs.  It’s now March 2011 and in the intervening 5 months I have lost 6 stone.  Apart from a little discomfort for a couple of days immediately following the bypass, I have been fine.  A huge bonus is the support I have received from Andrew and his team - always there to answer questions and never made to feel a 'pest'!

What a difference the five months have made - prior to surgery, I very rarely went out and avoided seeing people as much as possible.  Walking 200 metres was out of the question and I needed to sit down but now I walk my dog on average four miles every day and think nothing of it.  The garden was something I only looked at - this week I cut the grass for the first time in years!  We are going away in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to be able to put down the tray on the aircraft instead of using my husbands!

I still have a long way to go but have no doubt in my mind - I will get there.

My only regret is not having the bypass years ago! 

- Anne

Understanding and giving your opinion on obesity are, in my opinion, two entirely different subject matters. I understood how it felt to be obese but it was all too apparent that the rest of the world was all to willing to judge my obesity and my lack of ability to deal with it. 15 years of the repetitive cycle of losing and gaining weight had become the norm for me and I was at a loss on how I was ever going to regain long term control. The day I went to my GP to ask for a referral was probably the hardest day of my life, admitting I had failed and the fear of being judged seemed so daunting. But I did and on the 5th October 2008 I walked very nervously in to hospital for a gastric bypass weighing 112kg. At 5ft 4inch the excess weight had finally taken its toll, aching joints, fatigue, low self esteem to name but a few were just some of the side effects. Then there is the social isolation, some of which I have to admit was down to a lack of self confidence, the other as a result of society's lack of understanding to obesity. This felt like the last chance, my only hope of regaining some kind of normality in a life that had become dominated by the vicious cycle of dieting and then comfort eating when I had failed yet another diet.

The operation itself went very smoothly but the realisation on opening my eyes afterwards that I no longer had food as a sole mate was truly petrifying. The day after the operation came the recognition that I no longer would be able to use food as a coping mechanism. I felt stripped bare, it was back to basics. The thoughts of how would I cope ran constantly through my mind. So how do you cope, well you just do, it's called survival and that wonderful human instinct to simply adapt. You initially grieve for your loss, and then eventually with time and support you pick yourself up and start living again.

2 years on and in weight terms I am within a healthy weight range, weighing 64kg with a BMI of 23. I can now eat most foods albeit in much smaller amounts. Real physical hunger is not an issue, although psychological hunger can be at times. But would I change anything, simply put, NO. There is no quick fix and to the critics who think obesity surgery is a quick fix, I would say try it and see for yourself. The road after the surgery can be testing, you have to be strong, you have good days and you have bad days but it does get easier and you learn to adapt your life to suit the surgery, rather than the food dominating your life.

The most common question, other than how much weight you have lost, is how does bariatric surgery change your life. Things that I could not do before the surgery include walking without being in extreme pain and gasping for breath, I enjoy activities that I could only dream of, such as hill climbing in the Lakes, skiing in Bulgaria, fitting in a plane seat where the table goes all the way down, and of course shopping for lots of new clothes.

I did not dare believe that it would work for me, nothing else had, but with a bit of determination and self belief I finally feel a sense of normality and a far better understanding of where I came from to where I am now.

- Anne

Gaynor Kemp-Moore - Before Gaynor Kemp-Moore - After
Before After

As a child I was plump, always encouraged to empty my plate.  My love of food grew with me.  It has been my best friend and my worst enemy over the years.  By the age of 21, I was 13.5 stone and I lost 3 stone by doing the Cambridge diet.  But from that point onwards my weight ballooned.  By the age of 24, I was 17.5 stone and a size 24.  I was unable to wear the clothes I would have liked to and my self-esteem was low.  Being the butt of people’s jokes became the ‘norm’.  I would make fun of myself before others had the chance to.  People seem to think it is ok to be rude about your weight.  Also I have encountered people thinking that you are ‘stupid’ and have no feelings. This became very wearing over the years.

Between then and now I have tried so many diets – Atkins, Cambridge and Lighter Life.  I have attended Weight Watchers and Slimming World to name a few but always put the weight back on and more besides.  I have tried many drugs prescribed by my doctor, seen countless dieticians and been a regular at the gym but nothing has worked long term. 

It came to a head a couple of years ago when my doctor rang and informed me that I had a retinal embolism in my eye – a sign that a stroke was possible.  With my diabetes and high blood pressure, this didn’t give me a good prognosis for a long life.  I was 40, my daughter was 14 and my twins were only 3.  The thought of leaving them motherless was heart-wrenching.  I knew I had to do something more permanent.  I had tried and failed so many times on my own.  Besides the risk of dying was greater if I stayed morbidly obese than the tiny risk that surgery posed.  I wanted to be happier with smaller portions of food and not feel compelled to finish my children’s leavings!  This was my last chance.

I met Mr Jenkinson in December 2010.  He put my mind at ease immediately and gave me the hope that I longed for.  My operation was planned for 13 April 2011.  I was nervous as I had never had an operation before.  I needn’t have worried – Mr Jenkinson and his team were fantastic, putting me completely at ease.  I had a gastric sleeve, the surgery was keyhole.  I had a two night stay in hospital and absolutely no discomfort at all.  The staff were wonderful and the aftercare second to none.  I can honestly say it has been quite easy!  I still go out to eat and socialise, there is nothing I can’t eat although my portions are small.  I know when I have had enough (I call this my internal policeman)!  Also because I only eat small amounts, I really enjoy the food that I eat – I am now eating to live, not living to eat!

I was 21 stone 2lbs in April when I had my operation.  It is now 7 months since having my operation and I am 14.5stone.  I know that I have a little way to go but I feel ‘normal’!  My blood pressure is normal and my diabetes has gone. 

The last 20 years of my life have dominated by unhappy times – my healthy relationships with food – my vicious cycle of dieting.  All that is behind me now.  This life changing operation has given me back control and is the decision that I have ever made. The list of benefits is endless to my health and wellbeing.  I can kneel down, cross my legs, put tights on with ease, wear boots and get the zip done up!  I no longer get hot and bothered at the slightest exertion, wearing lovely clothes and looking great – also receiving loads of compliments is a real bonus!

My only regret is not having the operation years ago.  Mr Jenkinson has helped me on my journey to find the ‘old me’ that I lost 20 odd years ago!  Many thanks to Mr Jenkinson and his staff.

- Gaynor

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